Maroubra Diggers Swimming Club has a long and distinguished history. Formed just over 60 years ago by Returned Servicemen (Diggers) from World War I (The Great War) and World War II to keep healthy and provide a structure of support and camaraderie.

In the pool the members have performed exceptionally well winning the prestigious Tobruk Shield at the Annual AIF Swimming Championships more times than any other club.

New members are always welcome. Please contact Richard on 0432617723 for any enquiries. 

January 2018 Monthly Pointscore Results 

1st Reg Round 51pts

2nd Tim O’Rourke 50pts

3rd Brian Allen 48pts

4th Ros Comyn 47pts

5th Carmen Georgoulis 46pts

Eq 6th Caroline Durston 43pts

Eq 6th Gary Williamson 43pts

8th Alan Kennedy 40pts

Eq 9th John Boyle 39pts

Eq 9th David Jones 39pts